Client Spotlight: Matt Bryer - Family Man/Firefighter

Matt is a husband, father and firefighter. His goals are to: build functional strength, decrease body fat and stay healthy and fit for life. His WHY is because he understands the importance of this to perform highly at his job, be a good husband and have the energy and longevity to be the best father he can be.


Matt has a solid background in fitness from playing sports at a young age and through high school. He’s been lifting weights since his early twenties, has 8 years of CrossFit experience and has tried various group style strength and conditioning gyms. 


However, within the last few years, Matt has been injured several times when in the CrossFit/Group model which has taken him away from fitness and forcing him to take time off from work. He wants to stay healthy so that he can have consistency around his training long-term and not have to take time off work anymore due to his injuries. 


When sitting down and talking to Matt initially, we spoke about how we will provide a plan for him specifically that meets him where he is at and progress him properly so that he stays healthy and to re-program him to think long-term. He admittedly said that he’s always looked for the fast-track plan as he tends to fall out of training (due to being hurt) and wants to get back to where he was quickly. We talked about the importance of allowing change to happen naturally and to trust the process. We also spoke about his job being a high stress job, having a young child (and another on the way) and how we need to match his intensity in training to his life. He enjoyed that conversation and understood a plan that is low(er) intensity with progressive weight training and easy aerobic will serve him well. 


We have now laid out a long-term plan for Matt that he can get behind and trust as he visualizes his future moving forward as a plan that will fit perfectly into his life so that he can achieve life-long fulfillment. 



Since training at OPEX South Shore, Matt has dropped nearly 3 percent body fat in 6 months, put on muscle and hasn't missed a day of work from being injured. He's enjoying life during the summertime at the beach with his family and friends and feeling fulfilled through his personalized fitness plan and the results he is seeing. 


Matt is a big part of the OPEX Family that is growing here in the South Shore and we are so excited to be a part of his personal growth in fitness and life. 



If you are like Matt and want to find that balance between looking your very best and finding true fulfillment in your life through health and fitness, then start your journey and become a part of the OPEX Family.

Onwards and Upwards!


Owner/Head Coach,

Bobby Scott