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Bobby Scott serves as the Owner & Head Personal Trainer at OPEX Fitness South Shore. His passion for health and fitness originated during his time spent as a former collegiate baseball player, strength and conditioning coach for educational institutions, and then gym fitness director, prior to launching his own venture. 

Bobby founded OPEX Fitness South Shore in the Fall of 2017 with the goal to deliver a more personalized fitness approach to the local community. He knows first hand that in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle, one must have his or her own individual plan, customized to meet their wellness needs and objectives.

For more than a decade, Bobby Scott has helped clients achieve their personal training goals—from improved body composition via sustainable fat loss and increased muscle mass, to sport specific training, and injury recovery. His approachability, deep industry experience, and expert guidance allows the OPEX Family to feel comfortable and confident in aspiring to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

His passion for health and fitness extends beyond nutrition and fitness. He has a deep appreciation for top notch quality of life, and finding true purpose and fulfillment via improved self-care. He is fully committed to helping clients elevate their holistic wellness, and exceed boundaries that they never thought were possible.

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Mel Ruiz

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Mel serves as personal trainer at OPEX South Shore where he will be providing personalized programming to his clients as well as in-person coaching on the gym floor.

Mel, grew up with a love for movement, where at a young age, he was self taught. From batting practice, pitching, football, basketball with friends, and skateboarding for hours, he learned and felt what it was like to move in many different ways. This took Mel to the weight room, where he honed his skills of movement and very deliberately and methodically perfected each exercise he learned and started to build workout routines for himself and then the individuals he started to work with. The carryover from then to now is evident in his extremely detailed approach to working with clients both in programming and emphasis on quality movement.

Mel’s passion for fitness is apparent as he is continuously researching: movement, nutrition, and fitness strategies daily. He is a true believer in leading by example and that is proven in his own fitness training and healthy lifestyle. Mel is excited to teach and implement all that he has learned and experienced into the lives of all his clients here at OPEX South Shore.

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