Individualized Fitness Programming will help you achieve and sustain your health and fitness goals. With a unique prescription based on your own personal body composition, you’ll address your strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances to align with your daily lifestyle. You’ll workout smarter, not harder, with our customized fitness plan. We provide daily coaching, monthly assessments, new program design, as well as practical nutrition and lifestyle tips to help you live a fuller, happier life.

This program will enable you to:

  • Receive personal training attention in a group setting
  • Keep progressing as you reach goals    
  • Enjoy your journey of health and fitness
  • Stay accountable and motivated to take care of your body
  • Workout from anywhere with the remote training app

work with us the following ways:

On-Site Coaching

At OPEX South Shore you'll execute your customized workouts through Fitbot under the guidance of a coach on the floor. You can conveniently come to the gym during onsite coaching hours and have direct communication and direction from the coach while training next to your peers in a cool, unique gym atmosphere.

Remote Coaching

If you don't live near, or can't commute to OPEX South Shore, you can train remotely with us. Through Fitbot we have the ability to train you anywhere in the world.

Personal Training

In addition to our On Site coaching, our clients also have the option to work with us 1-on-1. Whether you're in need of some specific coaching on certain skills or just need that personal, focused 1-on-1 time with your coach, we'll provide that for you.