Testimonial 07 - Jill W.

OPEX - a life changing experience. When I first entered OPEX South Shore back in late March '19, I must admit I was a bit apprehensive based on previous encounters at other fitness facilities. I had no idea that what I was about to sign up for would yield such incredible, undeniable results. OPEX is not a gym, it's personalized workouts based on your body type and individual needs that are defined by the technology delivered from the InBody machine. Bobby - the owner and my trainer - performed a full assessment during the first week on my strength, flexibility and range of motion. Based on my capabilities and goals he designed a workout plan that is custom tailored for me, not you, ME. In the past 5 months that I have been training under Bobby's supervision I have lost a total of 11lbs of fat and have decreased my body fat percentage from 28.2% to a lean and healthy 20.3%, all of which a household scale could not calculate. Not only do I look good, I feel good. I now look forward to training and anticipate my InBody weigh-ins. If you're looking for results that are truly long term life changes, I HIGHLY suggest OPEX as the team for you. Trust me, I am proof.

Jill W.

Testimonial 06 - Matt B.

I wanted something more specific. I was doing CrossFit and group fitness classes for a while and I wanted something that was more focused on my own individual goals and needs. Longevity in my occupation as a firefighter is very important as I’ve dealt with injuries in the past that have kept me out of work. For me, staying healthy and having a more balanced lifestyle are my priorities now. Since starting at OPEX South Shore, I’ve been getting results - real tangible, measurable results. In addition to seeing results, I love that there is a focus on the community aspect here where everyone works out together and can socialize while still following their own personalized plans. 

Matt B.

Testimonial 05 - Jen S.

I’ve done strength training in the past, and was looking for a place where I could continue that, but in a setting where I wouldn't be lost in the crowd of a group fitness class. I wanted to go somewhere with  programmed workouts for me specifically that would help me get stronger, lift heavier and improve overall fitness successfully and safely and I’ve found that here at OPEX South Shore.

My goal is to improve my strength and endurance, without injury, even as I age. With a super friendly vibe, extremely knowledgeable and professional coaching I am able to accomplish those goals here at OPEX South Shore. I love that my OPEX workouts are designed for me, personally - that help ME! It's like personal training with a small-group feel. It's a real community here. 

Jen S. 

Testimonial 03 - Katie B.

I had worked with Bobby a few years ago when someone recommended him to me. At that time I had just started playing college tennis and he taught me all of the fundamentals of strength and performance training. Since graduating college and finishing my tennis career, my athletic goals have shifted drastically. I didn’t know how to train and I didn’t have a coach for the first time in 20 years! I met with Bobby to talk about my new goals and he’s given me a solid plan and direction. Working with him has allowed me to maintain consistency in my training despite all my travels, so that I haven’t ever had to start from scratch when I’m in a new place with different equipment. This is a great set up because when I have questions he is always more than helpful and gets back to me right away. I still have someone to hold me accountable for what I’m doing, but it’s extremely flexible. The best part is that I can really measure and track my progress in a very thorough way. The program he’s given me has been amazing because it’s tailored to me day-by-day.

Katie B.

Testimonial 02 - Art R.

OPEX South Shore has given me the ability to have a personalized experience. I am well passed my 2 year anniversary of working with Bobby and the workouts are tailored to my sports by season (cycling, golf, skiing) and have followed my increasing level of fitness. We communicate daily and I can make comments to the workouts online via FitBot. Bobby even tailored the workout to get me through minor injuries and a surgery which kept me off 1 leg for 3 months! Bobby knows his stuff, is enthusiastic, is fun to work with and will get you to the fitness level you desire. I highly recommend OPEX South Shore to get you the personalized results you are look for.

Art R.

Testimonial 01 - Ben V.

I enjoy working with Bobby at OPEX South Shore because he has designed a program for me based on my specific goals and weaknesses. In the past, I’ve always followed group-class programming or generalized programming that is designed as a one-size-fits-all protocol. Bobby has found major imbalances in my body (left arm versus right arm, left leg versus right leg, and weak horizontal pulling) and has created a specific program designed to address these issues. It is a long-term approach that should pay dividends down the road in terms of fitness. Lastly, I appreciate the fact that he always provides the programming on time and is available to answer questions when needed. That sounds simple, but is a far cry from many in the fitness industry. OPEX South Shore is a wonderful gym!

Ben V.