Personal Training, Revolutionized.

Over the past decade, prior to opening OPEX South Shore, I worked with all of my clients in a 1-on-1 personal training setting. Personal training has many benefits. I was able to personalize each workout to each client, provide them with proper instruction and cuing, build relationships over time, develop trust and hold each client accountable to a schedule and training time. However, over the years of working in this system I noticed a few things that were holding my clients back from truly finding personal growth and success in their fitness and health. They needed a COACH, not a trainer, to not only provide the personalized programming and all the benefits of a 1 to 1 coaching but also to provide each person with the tools and habits that will get them to the next level. These are the essential components I found my clients needed and would receive inside an OPEX Gym that they could not find in 1-on-1 personal training:

  • Self Reliance

  • Mindful Movement

  • Deeper Purpose + Stronger Relationships

  • Responsibility and Alignment Outside the Gym

  • Value, Frequency and FUN


Self Reliance

Becoming self reliant is huge in terms of personal growth. Too often in a 1 to 1 personal training model, the trainer is doing all the work for the client. They are counting reps, handing them weights, setting up workout stations, #babysittng, etc… Here at OPEX South Shore, our clients are receiving professional coaching in-person, but at the same time are creating some accountability themselves to focus on the task, perform the exercise with intention and become independent within the gym. In the longterm this will create much more growth and satisfaction from each client.


Mindful Movement

When you are the one who has to focus on the task, count your own reps and perform the movement at the same time, than you are becoming much more mindful around what you are doing. This will create much better brain to muscle connection which will lead to more results. In a 1 to 1 setting, sometimes too many conversations are being had with the client talking to the trainer during each exercise and when that is the case, the client is just mindlessly exercising which should not be the intent.


Deeper Purpose and Stronger Relationships

With traditional 1 on 1 personal training, relationships between trainer and client are developed over time. Most conversations, however are had in front of other people in the gym and tend to be just surface type conversations about day to day stuff, likes and dislikes, hobbies, etc… This doesn’t allow the coach and client to “really” get to know each other to dig deep enough to know what drives them, why they are doing what they are doing and so on. At OPEX South Shore, each client has a monthly consultation with their coach. During these consults, the coach and client have an opportunity to get into a private space, off the gym floor, sit down and talk about specifics that will help the client continue to move towards their goals. This is where meaningful conversations are had and where the relationship and trust will grow much more so than any casual conversation could.


Responsibility and Alignment outside the Gym

What you do inside the gym is such a small portion of your day and can only lead to a certain amount of results. Eventually, you’ll have to start doing things outside the gym if you want to continue to progress and see results. Most personal training models only go as far as that one or two hours per week when you are with your trainer. Other than those couple hours, you are on your own. At OPEX South Shore, we talk to every one of our clients about things they can do outside of the gym so that they can optimize their training experience. Our monthly consults is a great time for our coaches to give a few pieces of homework to each client with practices they can do outside the gym from improving sleep habits to proper nourishment and so on. With that, it is YOUR responsibility to follow through with the things discussed with your coach and your coach will hold you accountable to it. Over time, this will put in place some really good habits you can stick to for the rest of your life.


Value, Frequency and FUN

There is no better value in terms of personalized fitness plan that you’ll find than at an OPEX gym. Because of the price point of most personal training sessions ($60-$150/hour), in my experience was the main reason that the frequency of sessions was limited usually to 1-3 sessions per week. As a former personal trainer, this was challenging for me to get my clients the results they wanted in such a limited amount of time to train. At OPEX South Shore there is no limit to how many times you train per week, therefore from a value standpoint, you are looking at well over a third of the price point less per training session.

To my own fault and many personal trainers out there, there was a lack of self reliance and responsibility on the clients end because they were being over catered to during their sessions and couldn’t learn anything on their own to feel confident enough to work out on there own. Now, at OPEX South Shore they are taught and learn how to execute workouts with confidence and mindfulness.

Lastly, OPEX is just simply more FUN! You can enjoy your personalized workouts and at the same time socialize with other like-minded individuals. There is an incredibly welcoming community here which just solidifies the overall outstanding experience every client shares here at OPEX South Shore.

Become a part of this new revolution in fitness and start your OPEX journey today here at OPEX South Shore!