Why we Assess - Building the Foundation

Program design without an assessment is just guessing. Group programming is NOT focused on the individual. Personalized programming IS focused on the individual. Our goal is to provide the very best coaching and to do so we must assess. Being a personalized fitness gym we understand the importance of the assessment and so should you. 



To progress each client correctly, we must know where you are starting from. Through baseline strength testing, movement screening, and cardiovascular insight, we will be able to gain enough information to see where your starting point is. Knowing this will allow us to make a long-term game-plan that is always progressing you towards your goals. 



Our assessment is broken down into three sessions: Body, Move and Work. 

"Body" is a comprehensive body composition scan using our InBody 270 machine to gather feedback on: body fat mass, muscle mass, water (hydration), percent body fat, segmental weight breakdown, basal metabolic rate, and more. 

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"Move" is strength testing and movement analysis. Having baseline strength numbers is a great way to track progress from the very beginning. Testing includes upper body and lower body pushing and pulling testing to show strength relative to each area. The results of this will play a big role in prioritizing the weaker areas in your program design. During the movement analysis (joint range of motion), you'll be tested based on right vs. left side differences. With any imbalances that are recognized there will be exercises placed into your program to correct it. 


"Work" is testing the aerobic system. Just like strength testing, it is important to know where your starting point is for cardiovascular system. Based on the results, we'll be able to program your aerobic work appropriately in a progressive manner. 




The assessment allows you and your coach to have 3 full sessions together fully focused on gathering as much information as possible to then put a plan in place. The assessment is the building blocks for the coach-client relationship to grow. Knowing as much about you, not only for your coach, but for yourself as well, is important so that both you and your coach are aligned and have a clear vision of a longterm plan. Having clear and honest expectations upfront and seeing the steps necessary to reach your goals allows that trust to build. A strong coach-client relationship is a top priority for us as we believe it to play a key role in you seeing results over the lifespan of your personal fitness journey. 



This is where the magic happens! Taking what we've learned in the assessment and knowing what your goals are, we can now align everything into a plan that is personalized for you. Your fitness program is an expression of you, your lifestyle and goals. Our mission is for all of our clients to look and feel their very best and to do so, it all must start with the assessment. The program design is an evolution over time. As you evolve and progress, so does your fitness plan.


Know where you sit, make a plan, progress forever...


Onwards and Upwards,

Bobby Scott 

Owner/Head Coach